Information about the final exam June 2024
- Sunday, June 2, 2024 at 9:14 AM -

Final exam format

A. Questions on the rhetorical strategies used in a given speech extract

B. Questions on public speaking theory and core ideas of speeches taught.

C. Vocabulary matching exercise

D. Derivatives sentence completion exercise


Speeches taught to be studied for the exam

“The next Outbreak? We’re not ready” by Bill Gates (eclass)

“The rise of humans” by Yuval Noah Harrari (eclass)

“The global power shift” by Paddy Ashdown (book)

“Who controls the world” by Glattfelder (book)

“The economics of enough” by Dan O’Neil (eclass)

“The way we work is broken” by Barry Sshwartz

“A tale of two political systems” by Eric Lee (book)

“Why democracy matters” by Rory Steward (book)

“Learning from the Barefoot movement” by Bunker Roy (book)

“Learning revolution” by Sir Ken Robinson (book)

“What makes us work hard” by Dan Ariely (eclass)

“We need money for aid” by Metcalf

“Education for the new era” (book)

“The birth of Wikipedia” (book)

“How technology can help fight extremism and online harassment” By Yasmin Green (eclass)

“The dirty secret of capitalism” (eclass)

“Why we need to rethink capitalism” (eclass)


Public Speaking Theory

Principles of public speaking (unit 1A, B, C)

Preparing a speech: topic, rationale (unit 2A, D)

Composing the speech: introduction, conclusion, appropriate oral style (unit 3D, E, F)

Presenting the speech: presentational aids, voice characteristics, body lang, PPT (unit 4A, B)

Speech apprehension: causes & ways of dealing with it & effective elistening (unit 5A, B)


The last lesson of the semester (13/6) will be devoted to revision and preparation for the final exam.