CA_study material for the vocabulary quiz
- Thursday, May 23, 2024 at 8:10 AM -

This announcement is for the Continuous Assessment students only.

To prepare for the vocabulary exercises in the vocabulary quiz, you can study the terminology of the speeches taught in class from two sources: the coursebook and the relevant ppts uploaded on eclass.


The following speeches can be found in the book and their terminology should be studied from there in particular from the vocabulary list and vocabulary exercises at the end of every speech:


A tale of two political systems

Why democracy matters

Global power shift

Who controls the world

Learning from the Barefoot movement

The learning revolution

Education for a new era

The birth of Wikipedia


The terminology of the following speeches should be studied from the vocabulary exercises at the end of the relevant ppts on eclass:


We need money for aid. Let’s print it.

What explains the rise of humans

The way we work is broken

The economics of enough

4 worldviews on environmental change

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

What makes us work hard


To prepare for the public speaking theory, study the following units from the book:

1A, B, C

2A, D

4A, B

5A, B


The coursebook: Public speaking for university students: principles & practice, 2015 by Ifigeneia Machili, εκδόσεις Ανικούλα